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Listed as Film

Title Location Category Date Posted
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-09-15
Production Coordinator - 2D/3D British Columbia Film 2021-07-07
Layout, Lighting, and Modelling Artists British Columbia Film 2021-07-07
Animator British Columbia Film 2021-07-07
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-07-07
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-06-30
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-06-30
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-06-30
Various positions British Columbia Film 2021-06-02
Video Editing Halifax Film 2021-03-08
Videographer (volunteer) Halifax Film 2021-01-25
Various Rigging, LIghting, Groom, Modelling, Layout, Shot, Surfa British Columbia Film 2021-01-22
Videographer Other Film 2021-01-20
Videographer Other Film 2020-11-17
Videographer Other Film 2020-11-04
Digital Video Creator Other Film 2020-05-04
Videographer (music video) Halifax Film 2020-02-25
Videographer (music) Halifax Film 2020-01-07
Film/media/photography students Halifax Film 2019-09-20
Videographer, Editor Halifax Film 2019-09-16
Programs Coordinator Other Film 2019-06-20

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