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Title Location Category Date Posted
Christmas themed window mural Halifax Other 2019-11-14
Painting commission Halifax Other 2019-11-05
Part-time videographer Other Other 2019-10-22
Accounting Clerk Ontario Other 2019-10-15
Community Assistant Other Other 2019-09-30
Canvasser, Membership Recruitment Team Halifax Other 2019-09-23
Mural to be painted Other Other 2019-09-23
Mold maker Halifax Other 2019-09-17
Marketing Assistant Other Other 2019-09-10
Archives Assistant Other Other 2019-08-07
Photographer Halifax Other 2019-07-23
Fitness Studio Coordinator Halifax Other 2019-07-16
Bell Person, Laundry and Room Attendant positions Halifax Other 2019-07-16
Cook and Room attendant positions Halifax Other 2019-07-16
Graffiti Artist Halifax Other 2019-07-03
Sales Associate Halifax Other 2019-06-28
Photographers Halifax Other 2019-06-28
Comic book art Halifax Other 2019-06-28
Photographer Halifax Other 2019-06-20
Signage installer/warehouse help Halifax Other 2019-06-20
Communications Coordinator Other Other 2019-06-20
Book cover design Halifax Other 2019-06-20
Social Media and Promotions Coordinator Halifax Other 2019-06-13
International Student Greeter Halifax Other 2019-06-13
House keeping and cook positions Halifax Other 2019-06-13
Community Assistant Other Other 2019-05-28
Pattern illustrator Halifax Other 2019-05-13
Videographer Halifax Other 2019-05-06
Alternate Format Materials Technician Halifax Other 2019-04-11
Cartoon Character and Logo Design Required - Pickleball Halifax Other 2019-04-11
Various jobs at Marriott Hotel Halifax Other 2019-04-10
Original wallpaper or mural artist Halifax Other 2019-04-09
Supervisor of Production and Library Services (Competition # 201 Halifax Other 2019-04-08
Mural painting Halifax Other 2019-03-27
Sales Coordinator Halifax Other 2019-03-26
Metalsmithing/handmade jewelry creation Halifax Other 2019-03-25
3D printer Design student Halifax Other 2019-03-14
Concept artists, illustrators, 3D animators and 3D artists Other Other 2019-03-11
Film student Halifax Other 2019-03-11
Metal Smith/silver smith/gold smith & Carving Specialist positio Charlottetown Other 2019-03-04
Marketing Coordinator Halifax Other 2019-03-01
Product Designer Halifax Other 2019-03-01
Various positions Halifax Other 2019-02-14
Project Coordinators for different programs in the Cree or Inuit Other Other 2019-02-08
Japanese-speaking students/alumni Other Other 2019-01-29
Prototype artist, Marketing Coordinator and more positions! Halifax Other 2019-01-28
Peer Support Worker (team leaders of peer mentors for 2019-20) Halifax Other 2019-01-28
Photographer Other Other 2019-01-15
Live Art volunteers Halifax Other 2019-01-15
Vacanies at the Marriott Halifax Other 2019-01-14
Prototype Artist (Part-Time, Casual) Halifax Other 2019-01-10
Digital Community Engagement Representative Halifax Other 2019-01-10
Videographer/Photographer Halifax Other 2019-01-09

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