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Title Location Category Date Posted
General Labourer Dartmouth Other 2021-12-02
Coordinator: Media and Design Halifax Other 2021-10-27
Neighbourhood Project Designer Halifax Other 2021-10-27
Volunteer to paint murals (paint provided, plus a small honorari Halifax Other 2021-10-27
Student Assistant, Sexual Violence Prevention Initiatives Halifax Other 2021-10-26
Tutor (3 hours per week) Halifax Education 2021-10-21
Digital Tools for Design TUTOR Halifax Education 2021-10-19
Art EducArt Gallery of Nova Scotia ation Assistant Halifax Art Gallery 2021-10-18
Exhibitions and Events Coordinator Quebec Art Gallery 2021-10-15
Studio Technician & Instructor Ontario Fine Arts 2021-10-14
Art Instructor Other Education 2021-10-14
Organizational tutor for a NSCAD student Halifax Education 2021-10-13
Construction jobs Dartmouth Other 2021-10-07
Graphic Designer Ontario Graphic Design 2021-09-27
Fashion outfit for local musician Halifax Fashion/Textiles 2021-09-27
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-09-15
Graphic Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2021-09-13
Child care Halifax Education 2021-09-08
Animator Halifax Other 2021-09-08
Student Assistant Halifax Art Gallery 2021-09-08
Illustrator for a Children's book Other Other 2021-09-08
General Labourer Dartmouth Other 2021-08-30
Foundation Student Assistant Halifax Other 2021-08-30
Virtual Award Leader Other Other 2021-08-26
Server/Bartender Halifax Waiter/Server 2021-08-26
Graphic Designer position for a graduate with a disability Halifax Graphic Design 2021-08-25
Production Designer / Drafting Technologist Halifax Graphic Design 2021-08-25
Various positions Halifax Other 2021-08-24
Administrator and Book keeper Other Other 2021-08-24
Housekeeper Halifax Other 2021-08-24
School Yard Pavement Games painter Sackville Other 2021-08-24
Tour Guides for NSCAD Orientation Halifax Other 2021-08-19
Book Cover Artist Dartmouth Other 2021-08-19
Freelance Graphic Designer Other Graphic Design 2021-08-17
People Ready Dartmouth Other 2021-08-17
Digital Storytelling Peer Facilitators Other Other 2021-08-16
Mural Artist Dartmouth Other 2021-08-16
Research Assistant Halifax Other 2021-08-12
Mural artist Other Other 2021-08-12
Graphic and Multimedia Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2021-08-11
Warehouse Worker Dartmouth Other 2021-08-11
Halifax’s Young Curator Halifax Art Gallery 2021-08-09
Event Coordinator Halifax Art Gallery 2021-08-09
NS Elections jobs Halifax Other 2021-08-09
Junior Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2021-07-16
Guest Service Expert and Housekeeper positions Halifax Other 2021-07-16
Guest Event Expert Halifax Other 2021-07-16
Construction Labourer and Flagger positions Dartmouth Other 2021-07-16
Community Resource Assistant Halifax Art Gallery 2021-07-14
Part time merchandiser Dartmouth Other 2021-07-13
Logo Designer Bedford Graphic Design 2021-07-12
Packer Dartmouth Other 2021-07-09
Compensated interview about residential water filtration Other Other 2021-07-09
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-07-07
Packer and General Labourer positions Halifax Other 2021-07-07
Animator British Columbia Film 2021-07-07
Designer (Props - 3D) British Columbia Graphic Design 2021-07-07
Layout, Lighting, and Modelling Artists British Columbia Film 2021-07-07
Production Coordinator - 2D/3D British Columbia Film 2021-07-07
Halifax’s Young Curator Halifax Art Gallery 2021-07-05
Gallery Assistant Halifax Art Gallery 2021-07-05
Tutor for a NSCAD student Halifax Education 2021-06-30
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-06-30
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-06-30
Videographer Halifax Film 2021-06-30
Chalk Artist(s) Bedford Summer Jobs 2021-06-23
Summer Programming Intern Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-06-21
Senior Digital Brand Designer Other Graphic Design 2021-06-11
Front Desk - Guest Experience (Job ID 21057388 ) Halifax Other 2021-06-09
Housekeeper (Job ID 21057319) Halifax Other 2021-06-09
Volunteer opportunity Dartmouth Other 2021-06-07
Part time graphic designer (remote) Other Graphic Design 2021-06-04
Various positions British Columbia Film 2021-06-02
Talent Other Other 2021-05-26
Bookkeeper Other Other 2021-05-26
Digital Accessibility Editor Other Other 2021-05-26
Digital Communications Assistant (Student) Other Other 2021-05-18
Marketing Coordinator Charlottetown Other 2021-05-14
Summer Program Assistant (2 positions) Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-05-13
Equity Conference Coordinator Halifax Other 2021-05-10
Pencil Sketch Artist Other Other 2021-05-10
Collections and Archives Assistant Halifax Art Gallery 2021-05-10
Exhibitions Catalogues Project Assistant Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-05-04
Instructional Designers Halifax Other 2021-04-28
Looking to hire crew for a television series shooting in Nova Sc Halifax Other 2021-04-22
Art Bikers (3 positions) Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-04-21
Part-time Executive Assistant Halifax Other 2021-04-20
MANAGING DIRECTOR - CANNING, NS Other Other 2021-04-20
Various positions Other Other 2021-04-20
Summer Student positions Other Summer Jobs 2021-04-15
Summer Student positions Other Summer Jobs 2021-04-15
Summer Student - Media Coordinator Other Summer Jobs 2021-04-15
Summer Student - Environmental Program Coordinator Other Summer Jobs 2021-04-15
Art Bikers Program Coordinator Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-04-13
Figurine Ceramicist Halifax Other 2021-04-08
Various positions Halifax Other 2021-04-07
Director of Development Other Other 2021-04-06
Call for Atlantic/Maritime BFA students and Recent Graduates Other Fine Arts 2021-04-06
Office Assistant Intern Halifax Other 2021-04-06
Summer Internships Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-03-30
Volunteer Art Therapy Facilitators Wanted Halifax Other 2021-03-29
Summer Staff Sydney Summer Jobs 2021-03-25
Construction Labourer Halifax Other 2021-03-24
Flagger Halifax Other 2021-03-24
21101 User Research Associate, DigitalASO Other Other 2021-03-24
21103 UI/UX Design Associate, DigitalASO Other Graphic Design 2021-03-24
21102 Accessibility Design Associate, DigitalASO Other Graphic Design 2021-03-24
Animator - Various Project British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Groom Artist British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Layout Artist - Various Projects British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Lighting Artist British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Lighting Artist British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Modeling Artist – Unannounced Project British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Production Coordinator - Various Projects British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Storyboard Artist – 2D Guava Juice Series British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Surfacing Artist - Various Projects British Columbia Other 2021-03-23
Soliciting artists who activate their research through photograp Other Other 2021-03-17
Fashion Designer Halifax Fashion/Textiles 2021-03-10
Community Assistants Halifax Other 2021-03-08
Video Editing Halifax Film 2021-03-08
Drawing 1 Tutor Halifax Education 2021-03-04
Mural painter Halifax Other 2021-03-03
Various positions Other Summer Jobs 2021-03-02
Research Summer Student in Assistive Technology Halifax Summer Jobs 2021-02-26
Animator Halifax Other 2021-02-26
Call For Models Other Other 2021-02-26
Wedding Photographer Halifax Other 2021-02-24
Portrait Artist Halifax Other 2021-02-19
Community Arts Instructor with the ART CARTS, Community Art Hub Dartmouth Art Gallery 2021-02-17
NSCAD PEER MENTOR TEAM LEADERS (2) Halifax Other 2021-02-16
NSCAD PEER MENTORS Halifax Other 2021-02-16
Office Administrator Halifax Other 2021-02-01
Tutor for a NSCAD student Halifax Education 2021-01-28
Graphic Design Opportunity with Mental Health Podcast Other Other 2021-01-28
Videographer (volunteer) Halifax Film 2021-01-25
Animator - Various Projects British Columbia Other 2021-01-22
Assett Lighter British Columbia Other 2021-01-22
Designer British Columbia Graphic Design 2021-01-22
Facial Rigging Artist British Columbia Other 2021-01-22
Various Rigging, LIghting, Groom, Modelling, Layout, Shot, Surfa British Columbia Film 2021-01-22
Videographer Other Film 2021-01-20
Creative Arts instructors Ontario Summer Jobs 2021-01-19
Medical Illustrator Ontario Other 2021-01-19
Poster Artists wanted (remote work) Other Other 2021-01-18
Construction Labourer Dartmouth Other 2021-01-13
Illustrators (remote, for Graphic Novel) Other Other 2021-01-12
Interviewers Other Other 2021-01-12
Interviewers Other Other 2021-01-12
Monument Production Assistant Other Summer Jobs 2021-01-12
Executive Director Halifax Administration 2021-01-11
Construction General Labour - Flagger Dartmouth Other 2020-12-02
Fisheries and Oceans and Coastguard staffing Other Other 2020-12-02
Manager, Community Arts British Columbia Other 2020-12-01
Email Designer Contract (Part time 3 days per week) Other Graphic Design 2020-11-26
Junior Designer (full time) Halifax Graphic Design 2020-11-25
Teaching Assistants (Spain) Other Education 2020-11-25
Studio Assistants (2) Halifax Other 2020-11-20
Online Content Coordinator for our Indigenous Intellectual and C Other Other 2020-11-20
3D Modeler &/or Texture Artists (4 Positions) Halifax Other 2020-11-19
Videographer Other Film 2020-11-17
Community Sector jobs Halifax Other 2020-11-16
Director of Social Media (Volunteer position of 3 hours per week Halifax Web Related 2020-11-16
Videographer Other Film 2020-11-04
Flagger Dartmouth Other 2020-11-04
Construction: General Labourer Dartmouth Other 2020-11-04
Youth Ambassador Halifax Other 2020-11-04
Senior Cut-Out Animators (full time) Halifax Other 2020-10-28
Video Marketing Specialist Halifax Other 2020-10-21
2D Game Artist Halifax Other 2020-10-21
Development of Logo and Brand Style Guide Halifax Graphic Design 2020-10-20
Development and Outreach Intern Other Other 2020-10-20
Construction and Flagger positions Halifax Other 2020-10-14
Junior Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2020-10-14
Junior graphic and product design intern Halifax Graphic Design 2020-09-17
Tutor for a student with a learning disability Halifax Other 2020-09-16
Musician Halifax Other 2020-09-15
Entrepreneur Fellowships Other Other 2020-09-15
At Work/Au Travail project Other Other 2020-09-14
Landscape painter wanted Halifax Other 2020-09-10
3 student positions Other Art Gallery 2020-08-31
Interpretive Assistant Other Art Gallery 2020-08-20
Logo/Branding opportunity Halifax Graphic Design 2020-08-19
Municipal Election Polling Station staff Halifax Other 2020-08-11
Community Assistant Halifax Other 2020-07-27
Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2020-07-22
Curriculum Developer & Educational Facilitator Halifax Other 2020-07-22
Zine Library Coordinator Halifax Other 2020-07-20
Internship (Illustrator, Graphic Designer) Other Graphic Design 2020-07-17
Executive Director Other Fine Arts 2020-07-16
Communications Intern Halifax Other 2020-07-15
Graphic Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2020-07-15
Web Archives Student Library Assistant – Part-time Other Web Related 2020-07-14
Support Coordinator (Youth Exchange Project) Halifax Other 2020-07-14
General Labourer, Warehouse Labourer, Recycling Sorter positions Halifax Other 2020-07-06
Artistic Director Halifax Other 2020-07-06
Virtual Summer Student Internship Halifax Web Related 2020-07-03
Content Creator Halifax Summer Jobs 2020-06-24
General Labourer Halifax Summer Jobs 2020-06-24
Art Gallery Assistant, Summer Student Dartmouth Summer Jobs 2020-06-10
Archive Assistant Halifax Other 2020-06-08
Art Bikers - Outreach Community Art Facilitator Halifax Summer Jobs 2020-06-05
Virtual Volunteer Scoute Other Other 2020-05-28
Brand designer Halifax Graphic Design 2020-05-26
Digital Video Creator Other Film 2020-05-04
Halifax's Young Curator Halifax Art Gallery 2020-04-28
Executive Director Ontario Art Gallery 2020-04-23
Traffic Control Personnel Halifax Other 2020-04-09
Customer Service Representative- Remote Work Other Other 2020-04-01
Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2020-03-24
Cooperative Agriculture Development Coordinator Other Other 2020-03-12
Mi’kmawey Green Communities (MGC) Program Manager. Other Other 2020-03-11
Gallery Director/Curator (Full-Time Permanent) Ontario Art Gallery 2020-03-05
Graphic Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2020-03-05
Digital Designer Halifax Web Related 2020-03-05
Jr. UX/VUI Designer Ontario Graphic Design 2020-03-03
NSCAD PEER Mentors (5) Halifax Other 2020-03-03
Personal care assistant Halifax Other 2020-03-02
Videographer (music video) Halifax Film 2020-02-25
Private Art Tutor Halifax Education 2020-02-24
Manager, Community Arts British Columbia Art Gallery 2020-02-21
Work in Japan: Opportunities for Japanese-speakers Other Other 2020-02-19
ESL Teachers Other Education 2020-02-19
Homestay Staff Interviewer/Photographer Other Other 2020-02-14
Community Assistance Other Other 2020-02-10
Entry level Visual/UX Designer Ontario Graphic Design 2020-02-05
NSCAD Peer Support Team Leaders (2) Halifax Other 2020-02-05
Housekeeping attendant Halifax Other 2020-02-03
Full-Time Marketing & Administrative Assistant Halifax Other 2020-01-27
Program Manager Dartmouth Education 2020-01-27
ESL Teachers Other Education 2020-01-23
Web Designer Halifax Web Related 2020-01-23
Curator (Full-Time Permanent) Ontario Fine Arts 2020-01-23
Student Assistant (NSCAD) Halifax Other 2020-01-20
Works to Work Summer Internships Other Summer Jobs 2020-01-10
Jobs at the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel Halifax Other 2020-01-10
Videographer (music) Halifax Film 2020-01-07
Program Leader / Instructors: Game Design and Animation Halifax Other 2019-12-18
Curatorial Skills Development Internship British Columbia Art Gallery 2019-12-13
15 month Fellowship Program Ontario Other 2019-12-11
Designer for Fire the Grid 2 Humanitarian Project Halifax Graphic Design 2019-12-11
Instructors for our Creative Arts instruction areas including Ar Ontario Summer Jobs 2019-12-09
Visitor Services Manager Other Other 2019-12-05
Artist to do miniatures on piano keys Dartmouth Other 2019-12-05
Summer Positions for Underprivileged Kids Camp Alberta Summer Jobs 2019-12-03
Curatorial Skills Development Internship British Columbia Art Gallery 2019-11-21
Christmas themed window mural Halifax Other 2019-11-14
Office Administrator and Executive Assistant to Clinical Psychol Halifax Administration 2019-11-13
Painting commission Halifax Other 2019-11-05
Assistant for help at Craft NS Xmas Craft Show Halifax Crafts 2019-11-01
Graphic Designer wanted Halifax Graphic Design 2019-10-28
Part-time videographer Other Other 2019-10-22
Fellowships Other Summer Jobs 2019-10-21
Accounting Clerk Ontario Other 2019-10-15
Student Assistant, Sexual Violence Prevention Initiatives Halifax Education 2019-10-11
Tutor with photo experience Halifax Education 2019-10-10
Community Assistant Other Other 2019-09-30
Canvasser, Membership Recruitment Team Halifax Other 2019-09-23
Mural to be painted Other Other 2019-09-23
Film/media/photography students Halifax Film 2019-09-20
Call for Submissions Other Art Gallery 2019-09-20
Painting assistant Halifax Fine Arts 2019-09-17
Pencil drawing from a photo Halifax Fine Arts 2019-09-17
Mold maker Halifax Other 2019-09-17
Videographer, Editor Halifax Film 2019-09-16
Marketing Assistant Other Other 2019-09-10
DESIGNER/PATTERN MAKER Other Fashion/Textiles 2019-08-27
Public school English language teachers wanted (Japan) Other Education 2019-08-13
Archives Assistant Other Other 2019-08-07
Graphic Design - casual work Halifax Graphic Design 2019-08-06
Full time Design and Marketing Manager Bedford Web Related 2019-07-30
Photographer Halifax Other 2019-07-23
Part-time in-store Seamstress/hemmer Halifax Fashion/Textiles 2019-07-16
Cook and Room attendant positions Halifax Other 2019-07-16
Fitness Studio Coordinator Halifax Other 2019-07-16
Bell Person, Laundry and Room Attendant positions Halifax Other 2019-07-16
Graffiti Artist Halifax Other 2019-07-03
Photographers Halifax Other 2019-06-28
Comic book art Halifax Other 2019-06-28
After school program instructors Other Education 2019-06-28
Call for Proposals -- Africville: A Spirit That Lives On Halifax Fine Arts 2019-06-28
Sales Associate Halifax Other 2019-06-28
Photographer Halifax Other 2019-06-20
Programs Coordinator Other Film 2019-06-20
Communications Coordinator Other Other 2019-06-20
Signage installer/warehouse help Halifax Other 2019-06-20
Graphic Designer Halifax Graphic Design 2019-06-20
Book cover design Halifax Other 2019-06-20
Videos for a company website Halifax Web Related 2019-06-13
Social Media and Promotions Coordinator Halifax Other 2019-06-13
House keeping and cook positions Halifax Other 2019-06-13
International Student Greeter Halifax Other 2019-06-13
Website Designer/Developer and Graphic Designer Halifax Summer Jobs 2019-06-05

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