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Elections NS - Halifax
Salary 12:95 per hour and up
Posting Date August 9, 2021

Here are the contacts for election workers in the district, Halifax Citadel- Sable Island
Richard Coughlan is the new Returning Officer in this district. He needs many workers to fill the polls on election day,
Interested students and adults.

The RO office, where you can now vote , until the Advance Polls begin, is at the corner of Hollis and Morris, the red brick building, with signs to show you the way. Voting now is easy, no lines. You don’t have to be in this district to vote there. Votes are recorded and sent at day’s end to the voter’s district.

You don’t have to live in this district, where NSCADU is, to be a poll worker for the election August 17th.
There are many election day polling locations around town in this district, ex Dal and SMU , also church halls etc.. where workers are needed.

Chantel Arsenault is the Assistant Returning Officer.
Her email is and she will be taking names So she is the one to contact ..

Poll workers need to be available to work election day Tuesday August 17th, opening and closing.

Wages start at $12. 95 per hour and this is added to $3.00 to $7.00 per hour depending on your position. See details in Elections Nova Scotia.
This is a good opportunity for students (and adults) to learn about the election process and for students to earn some money for next term.
Also if you train for this election and are interested ,it is rumoured there will be a federal election call in August with voting in September, and one might want to work on that election day, as well.

But just now,NS election polls stations need to be filled with workers!

Please go to Elections Nova Scotia for more information.

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