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Salary $4000
Posting Date April 20, 2021

Find the Birds (, an original indie mobile game produced
by the non-profit Thought Generation Society (,
needs a 2D bird animator immediately.

Contract is $4000 to animate 10 bird species, 1-4 cycles (e.g take-off, flight etc.)
each (i.e. $400 per bird). This can be done fast (3 weeks) or slow (3 months), up
to you. We are a grant funded non-profit and the game is a free educational
download, so sorry, no higher amount avail. but if you do a good job we will
probably have more contracts, perhaps with higher pay). You would get game
credit as Bird/Character Animator or similar.
Contract starts ASAP, so apply now via email to ajdhalla@shaw (AJ Dhalla is our
Executive Director) with links to your demo reel and attach a pdf resume and
include your phone number. You can work this contract remotely from anywhere
in the world via Discord, and there aren’t many meetings required, so you can
work whatever hours you want. You need your own computer/software. Files will
be submitted to our Dropbox (we pay for your pro account).

Graduate of a recent animation program preferred. Must have solid 2D animation
skills, using Adobe Illustrator for puppets and Adobe Animate for setting
frames/doing cycles. You will be provided with the .ai reference files to build
puppets in Illustrator to import into Animate to create the .png image sequences
required for import into the Unity 2D project game engine. You will be creating
bird animation cycles – using provided video reference for accuracy.

How To Apply

By email

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