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Videographer (volunteer)

CHAMA (non-profit) - Halifax
Salary Volunteer opportunity
Posting Date January 25, 2021

My name is Sue Dealy, a member of CHAMA, a non profit org. The CEO of this org started this 12 years ago after the death of his twin daughters to malaria, a needless disease in Africa. He started this by using his own money and buying a wheel chair and crutches and went back to Africa to donate these. It has grown over the 12 years and has caught on all over the world. He has been through difficult challenges, even close to death many times. He has a mind boggling story to tell. He is in Halifax has been in the news and does African drumming everywhere . I am asking if someone could do a doc pro bono as all our money goes to things in Africa. Plus our own money.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Let me know if you would like more information
Thank you
Public Relations

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Contact info: Sue Dealy
or by phone: 902 402 8658

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