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Little Foot Yurts - Other
Salary $16 per hour
Posting Date November 4, 2020

Start/end date: April – July 2021
Hours per week: 35 (typically 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday)
Hourly wage: $16.00
Work location: Work mainly from home, filming at 1459 White Rock Road, Wolfville, NS
Supervisors: Alex and Selene Cole, Little Foot Yurts Inc.
Business description: Little Foot Yurts hand crafts yurts for rental and sales and have run experiential yurt building workshops since 2005.

Summary of primary responsibilities:
In your role as Videographer, your primary responsibilities will be creating (planning, shooting, editing
and posting) a series of instructional videos portraying components of our yurt building courses.

The series described:
The series will be made available on our website, and will include the following topics:
• making a greenwood working station
• steam bending
• using a drawknife, froe and other hand tools
• coppice as a timber crop
• identifying Acadian forest species
• planning and designing yurt walls, roof, wheel
• erecting a yurt
• wheel making
• canvas design and production

Duties may include, but are not limited to:

RESEARCH: As an active team member, you will participate and liaise with Alex and Selene and
their employees to gain an in-depth understanding, both of the yurt building process itself and of Little Foot Yurt's unique way of sharing skills and building empowerment.

SOURCING: Obtaining or providing suitable equipment needed for video and audio production.

PREPARATION: Developing a timeline to ensure enough time is allocated to each module,
scheduling filming times in concert with Little Foot Yurts, as well as co-ordinating and booking
interviews with other NS yurt builders, and figuring out what type of equipment to use.

REVIEW: Organizing relevant existing images and video footage to be integrated into the new videos.

FILMING: Shooting all the informative sequences required for the series, supervising
and co-ordinating the efforts of others as may be required, for example, a drone technician.

MAINTENANCE: Calibrating and maintaining equipment in good working order.

EDITING: Obtaining input as requited from Alex and Selene, editing together a professional and artistic series of yurt building workshop videos.

OUTPUTTING: Generating outputs of the material in optimal resolutions and compressions for each
proposed use.

MARKETING: Creating a marketing plan to launch videos through social media and website. Assisting with appropriate platforms to sell videos online. Liaising with Little Foot Yurt's designer to reflect Little Foot Yurt's current brand and image.

You are pursuing a program in Applied Media & Communication Arts or equivalent focus.

Required competencies:

-You are an excellent communicator and possess strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

-You have flexibility, listening skills, and the ability to turn what you hear and see into a compelling story.

-You have focussed creative ability and can compile information from many sources with continuity.

-You are proficient in the creative and the mechanical aspects of audiovisual production and editing.

-You are a creative self-starter with a strong work ethic and commitment to excellence.

-You have high regard for quality, accuracy and attention to detail.

-You have excellent organizational skills.

-You have strong time management skills and can handle multiple deadlines and concurrent activities.

-You know the hardware, such as camera and editing equipment, and software for scripting and editing.
-You don’t need to own the gear for the job, but this would be considered an asset.

Work term outcomes:

-Research and develop a unique understanding of yurt building in Nova Scotia, including the history
and cultural background of yurts, ancient forestry and production techniques of Little Foot Yurts.

-Bring an audiovisual project from idea through to delivery by taking the lead on a project.
-A strong understanding of the concept of service orientation has been developed which includes
focussing one's attention to discover and meet client needs, and reflecting this understanding in the videos.

-Marketing strategies have been integrated with technology to power social media platforms.

-Groups and individuals across the organization have been integrated into the project and have had
meaningful input in achieving group and organizational goals.

-A series of yurt building workshop videos have been completed and attached to our website.

Other Information
How to apply:
Submit a resume and a cover letter to:

Selene and Alex Cole of Little Foot Yurts

How To Apply
Contact: Selene and Alex Cole

By email

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